To Do: Decorate Townhouse

I’m not a very good blogger. If I reach 10 posts this year I’ll certainly be giving myself a big pat on the back. I’m also not a very good to-do-lister-er. Well, I’m great with writing the to-do lists, just not so much at the actual doing of them. And so, here I find myself seeking a way to track my projects whilst brainstorming the next one. I sit here, in my 10 month old townhouse, wondering what happened to the last 10 months, and why my walls are still builders beige and my bed has no headboard? Well, New Years resolutions aside (those always fail, don’t they?), I’m going to *try* to both check things off my list, and document my accomplishments every once in awhile. If you’re along for the ride, I promise sporadic posting, incoherent mutterings, and poorly lit photos (ok, I'm sure the photos won't be that bad- I do have a DSLR after all!)


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