Adios Chairs!

Tuesday was my day off, and was a very productive day off indeed. I finally got around to craigslisting my old white fabric parsons chairs, and also listed some "hunk a junk" that's been rusting in our backyard for sometime for free, and ended up with some deluxe coffee in exchange. Ok, we'll start with the chairs. These are the chairs I bought a month ago on a whim after seeing their INSANELY low price tag.

Pretty, ain't she? I actually bought 4 of them, although I really need 6 dining chairs. I wasn't sure how they'd work since I was buying them online, plus I wasn't sure if I wanted all  the same or if I wanted to do 2 different captains chairs. They were $33 each. REALLY! No,  I didn't forget an extra zero there! I was floored. For those who don't know, this is a chiavari chair. It's actually an ancient Italian banquet chair design,  created for the ladies to perch upon in the massive ball gowns of the day. On top of it's charming antiquated history, the chiavari chair is a must have staple for glam weddings, and considering my past as wedding planner, it seemed even more fitting to have these in my home. They're easy to clean, lightweight, and just that perfect splash of eclecticism I was looking for. Love.

And this is a very similar design to the chairs I craiglisted. Ok, this one's a bit nicer, but you get the idea. Just add some scuffs on the legs and some stains on the fabric!

My hubby and mother told me I was dreaming when I said I thought I'd get $100 for them. I thought that was realistic, but I asked for $125 instead just in case some haggler decided to barter me down. Well guess what? Not only did I sell them but I got exactly what I asked for them! Woot woot! A little part of me almost wishes I had asked more- as I had many people emailing me asking if it was $125 for one chair, or for all six. Oh well. They found a new home (thank goodness because these chairs were my first baby), and I made some money to help pay for my lovely chiavari chairs.

Just for fun, lets do some math:

Cost of New Chairs (including shipping) $190
Less funds from Old Chairs - $125
Total Expense: $65

Granted, I now only have 4 chairs and do need to figure out what to do for the other 2, but if I do say so myself, $65 for an entirely new look is GREAT deal! I love this upcycling thing!


  1. would you mind sharing where you bought the charivari chairs?
    have they held up well?


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