Gone be the gallery

I've been working on a picture gallery wall for our dining room for weeks now. Despite loads of inspiring pictures out there, I just haven’t been able to come up with the right collection of images to frame. This is the wall that is screaming for some lovin’.

A few inspiring photos?

There’s just something so curious about picture gallery walls. I love how no two are the same, and you can really be creative with what you use. I take art seriously, and because I absolutely HATE hanging art, I want to make sure I know exactly where I want before that nail hits the drywall. That’s why I did this:

Yes, I made a rendering. I used approximate sized frames and filled them with art and oddities that interested me. But not all of it interests me. In fact, some of them I just plain don’t like- but I didn’t know what else to put in there. That FABULOUS woven hanging art that adorned the wall in Carrie’s Apartment in the SATC movie looked incredible in it’s massive, original state. Shrunk down to a teeny print just didn’t work the way I was hoping. The others? Well, they’re alright I guess. They just feel so forced to me. And a collection should be just that, a collection. Not an “I slapped these photos together because I was anxious to get my dining room decorated” moment. A collection takes time, time to find things you fall in love with, things that are worth collecting. So I’ve decided to keep my little graphic rendering project on the go, and as I fall in love with art/sculptures/trinkets, I will slowly add to my gallery art collection. Maybe one day I’ll have a really stellar collection that won't keep me stressing about what to put on the walls. And oddly enough, as soon as I gave up my gallery wall dreams, my eyes fell upon this great big canvas I bought months ago with no purpose in mind. It’s been sitting in my guest room, protective packaging still on, just waiting for a place to call home. And I think I’ve found the perfect place for it…


  1. That Printed Canvas IS FAB!!!

    1. Thanks! It has since been relocated but still one of my favourites!


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