The Never Ending Headboard Debacle

I don’t know why, but finding a headboard has handsdown been the hardest design dilemma I’ve faced during our year here. Ok, I do know why- our room is awkward and as much as I love our plentiful windows, they cause their share of problems. The distance between the two windows sandwiching our bed is not equal to that of a queen sized bed, ruling out about 95% of queen beds/headboards that would cut into the window space.

The only reasonable solution seems to be a curvy headboard that slopes down the sides that will make room for les windows (is there a name for that kind of shaped headboard other than curvy?).
This one that I photoshopped in is from Target, and is a beauty at around 300 bones. J’adore.

Pretty, no? I think the style is perfect for our bedroom and certainly solves the window problem. *Note: this was our bed duvet-less and pillow-less. It has since been beautified, and soon to be photographed.*
So what’s the problem if I found a steal of a deal on a beauty of a headboard? Well, as much as I *love* our current shabby-chic-glam look going on, the hubs isn’t totally sold, so in the interest of our marriage I’ve decided it’s not long term. I love the master bedroom style of Dana on House*Tweaking. It’s certainly different than my current aesthetic, but I’m a rather ecletic person when it comes to design, so really, I swing both ways.

Until I get to the time that I pull down the wallpaper and paint it a yummy grey, I need a headboard solution that will tide me over for the next year or so until we get around to switching things up. Truth be told, I’d love to keep solids on the wall and patterns on the bed, which is exactly the opposite of what I’ve got now. So a white headboard will be great for now but not for long term. Therefore, an affordable and easy solution would be really really nice.
I really like this ornate headboard wall decal. It’s so pretty I might be able to overcome my distaste for wall decals.
Creator of this fab decal unknown. Fill me in if you know where I can find it!
I also love the idea of using an old vanity mirror (the kind that folds and is actually 3 seperate mirrors) to create a unique headboard. I scour craigslist daily hoping to score something similar for a deal.
I even contemplated DIY-ing an upholstered headboard. I made one a couple years ago using foam insulation sheets instead of wood, and not only was it pretty easy to make, but being lightweight made it super easy to install. Thing is, it looked homemade, and although it worked for me in my freshly married rental suite, I just don’t think I can do that to our little home we now call our own.
My top pick for our headboard solution right now would be inspired by this baby I saw on Colour Me Happy.

I think it’s about as close to perfect as I could ever imagine. Although I don’t ever plan on acquiring this exact headboard (well, maybe I would if I knew where it was from), I do think that I can try and hunt down an old ornate headboard and refinish it to create a similar look. There have go to be plenty old fashioned headboards around just waiting to be rescued, right? Well, as of today- not so much. I can’t seem to find anything on craigslist that even remotely resemble what I’m looking for. But I will not stop looking. I will hunt it down until it’s mine.


  1. This post is a year old but I figured I'd comment anyways - why don't you hang curtains and 'cheat' the width in between? There are countless inspiration pics of curtains going a few inches behind the headboard and it looks really cute! Good luck :)


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