Second thoughts on kitchen cabinets

So, my kitchen post from earlier this week got the wheels a turnin in my head again. I just couldn’t let my idea rest (or put my ultimate plans on hold) until I got a better idea of how much such a project would cost (ie: I needed to comparison shop and see what other deals were out there). Although I’m not big for hiring services over craigslist, I decided to at least do a search and see what I could find. Sure enough, there was an ad for an entire kitchen redo for under $3000. Score! I don’t need an entire kitchen redo, only a paltry little 10 cabinet doors, so surely it’ll be just a fraction of that cost, right? Not so much. Although this second quote was more reasonable than my $1500 without delivery or installation quote, it’s become very clear that to get this job done, and to get it done right is still going to cost between $1500- $2000 when all is said and done. I actually do now think that is a fair price and I completely understand the cost of quality workmanship- it’s just that there is so so much more on my list I need to tackle first, so back down on the priority list is goes. And that reminds me- must start working on that list!


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