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I wanted to title this post "The Cuisinart Phenomenon: The act of living one way, until being introduced to a new, better way, and never being able to go back to the original way."  I figured I'd lose most of you before I even started. Why Cuisinart? Somehow I lived the ten years of my adult life without a Cuisinart food processor, but now that I have one, I cannot imagine my life without it. I use it every. single. day. Often times for us to realize the value or importance of something, we need to be introduced to it by someone passionate about it. Thank you to my passionate aunt and uncle for the Cuisinart; I now spread the word when I can, and recently gave my mother-in-law one for Christmas, because I don't know how she survived this long without one.

Enough about food processors. I'm here to change your life by letting you know about something you never knew you needed. But you do. As do I.

I would consider myself a "fashion conscious" dresser. I wish I could call myself a trendsetter, or a fashionista, but I'm not.  Just because I don't don all of the latest trends and fill my closet with Rag and Bone, doesn't mean I don't care. I want to look good. I want to look put together. I want to look effortlessly chic. But these things are hard to do when you spend more time reading shelter blogs than fashion glossies.

You may remember Melanie from her pantry feature here. I loved her pantry re-org so much that I asked to post her photos, and apparently you guys loved it to, because it's been pinned quite a bit! Melanie owns and operates Elizabeth & Clarke, a fabulous subscription box company, so when she asked if I wanted to give it a try, I jumped at the chance to get my first ever subscription box.

Here's a blurb from Melanie about Elizabeth & Clarke:

 "Why are you paying hundreds for a “designer” tee or blouse? Store rent, sales commissions, a huge marketing budget: all built into the cost of your $200 designer tee. Not at Elizabeth & Clarke. We built our company on the Internet to bypass the middleman. Now get the same designer tee or blouse, without the crazy markup. We use soft jersey, silky cotton ramie, or luxury, stain and wrinkle-resistant fabric blends in all of our shirts in the most essential colors: white, black, and gray. Convenience, value, and style – all in one box."

I loved the concept, but I'll be totally honest here and say I had my qualms. While I was really excited to receive my box, I was worried about how three shirts I'd never tried on before could a) all fit and b) all look good. If I go shopping and try on 10 shirts, I might only ever find one that actually works, so at a 10% success rate, what are the chances of all three working out for me?

Apparently, quite high. If you've been reading this blog for any length of time, you'll know I'm a no-BS, cut to the chase, honest kind of girl. And just because Melanie was a label-customer, and was kind enough to send me her shirts to review, I have no hesitation in speaking the truth. I would expect the same from every blog I read.

To say I love the shirts is an understatement. They all fit fabulously, the fabrics are stunning, and each can be worn in so many ways that I practically lived in them over the holidays (and still do).

The icing on the cake? I probably would NEVER have thought to buy any of these pieces on my own accord. I'm so stuck in my ways and seem to buy the same pieces over and over again. E & C is built on the concept of getting your basics at a great price without having to search high and low, but for me, it's just getting the basics! Period.

The Browning

The Browning is amazing! I never would have thought that my closet needed it. But it does. I will never go another day without a comfy white flannel shirt that can be dressed down with jeans and tennis shoes, or dressed up with leggings and heels. One day, I wore it around the house and to run some errands, and later threw on a necklace and pumps and wore it out to dinner. It's the new Cuisinart food processor. 

The Bronte

The Bronte is also genius. Again, something I would never have picked off the rack for myself. Cinched with a belt, or left flowy, this shirt was my go-to dress shirt for Christmas parties and looked so chic paired with my black lace skirt and gold shoes. I tried to take photos for you guys, I did. But it was awkward. The hubby and I couldn't stop laughing. I look crazy in most. So please accept these photos of other less awkward people modelling the shirts from here on out.

The Stanton

The Stanton is a grey pocketed tee, and is SUPER soft. I mean, literally, THE softest tee you will ever lay fingers on. As much as I wanted to save it to wear out somewhere, I actually wore it to bed the night I got the box because I couldn't take it off. Divine. Don't worry, I washed it before wearing it out in public. Another basic that can be dressed up, down, in the middle, and even worn to bed. Again, a piece I might not have picked out (Melanie explains more about the paradox of choice here) and another shirt I'm so very happy I now have in my closet.

If having perfect basics (that will make you look like you have your own stylist) sent to your door each season isn't enough to sell you, how can you beat the price tag? $30 or less (if you order all three, it's by far the best deal!) is incredible. 

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Disclosure: Elizabeth & Clarke kindly gifted me a subscription box to review, however 100% of the opinions expressed are my own.


  1. This looks seriously amazing. I'm the same kind of dresser...fashion conscious but would never call myself a fashionista! So glad you shared this, I think I'll be signing up!


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