Life Simplified | Reducing Stress over the Holidays with Valentine's Cards

I received this message from a reader last week and was so happy that Kristina reached out to me:

"Hi Jen!
I am a huge follower of your blog and absolutely LOVE all of the paper goods that you have created to make your house into a home. I saw when you had created a few Christmas cards on a bit of a whim for your readers to purchase from your blog, and have had them bookmarked ever since. Fabulous is all I can say! This year, life got the best of my schedule for the month of December so instead of overwhelming myself I put off holiday cards and decided that we would send out Valentine's cards this year to all of our loved ones. I have the professional photo already chosen and would love to pay for your talented design work to embellish the image. I understand that this is last minute but please let me know if you have the time and if this commisioned work interests you. Keep up the beautiful work!

I think many, many of us are in the same boat as Kristina. Perhaps you may have sent out Christmas cards, but later on realized you missed a bunch (or maybe you received cards from those you never sent cards to - oopsies!). Have no fear! Why not start a Valentine's card tradition?

I love this idea first and foremost because it certainly alleviates some stress around the holidays, but also because people anticipate receiving Christmas cards, taking some of the excitement out it. However, they most likely don't expect a Valentine's card in the mail. Such a sweet little surprise for an often times overlooked holiday. And what is Valentine's all about anyways? Spreading the L.O.V.E! So why not take a page out of Kristina's book and send some V-day Cards!

You can buy some boxed cards at the store, make your own with craft paper, or follow suit with the photo card idea! If you want a really affordable and easy way of doing it, check out my post here. If you'd like me to help you out*, I'll be listing Kristina's design on The Paper Society, and hope to roll out more in the next week or so.

Thanks for the great idea Kristina!

*For those wondering, I changed the price of the photo cards from $5 to $10 because of the amount of time it took to customize and work with each individual photo. Everyday is a learning experience!


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