Wine Thirty: Wine Rack Makeover

If at first you don't succeed, paint it again.

This was my motto for this mini makeover. I started last week and finished yesterday because sometimes things in life don't quite go as planned. 

At our old place, we had a cellar of sorts behind the kitchen, and at the time I thought it was the perfect opportunity to have a wine rack. I searched high and low and couldn't believe how pricey they were. I guess "they" (those ominous people out there who make and market stuff that we buy) figured if you can afford to have a wine collection, then you should be able and willing to buy a pricey wine rack? Anyways, no way was I going to pay $100 plus for a wine rack that wouldn't even be displayed. No way Jose! But I also did want something not ugly so that when I opened the door to look at my wine I wouldn't cringe and run away. 

After a long and drawn out search, I found a great wooden wine rack for $39.99 that holds 54 bottles of vino. I got it from a now defunct chain of discount ware stores called "The Outdoor Depot" or something like that. 

It's served us well, holding my wine in the old cellar and most recently in the garage. 

I decided recently it was high time that this buddy of mine had the opportunity to join us in our living quarters. I've had a spot in the kitchen just screaming for something to be placed there. I have been on the lookout for a vintage bar cart but have yet to spot one within my budget. So, in true Jen fashion, I decided to flaunt what I got with an "Already Own" makeover.

Since this wasn't an expensive or meaningful piece of furniture, I did what I do with most like items. Nothing. No sanding, no priming. Just went straight for the finish line with a can of spray paint. If you haven't heard me say this before, DO NOT follow my lead. I am not a good DIY-er by any means.

Well, sometimes (often) you pay for cutting corners, and after an entire can of spray paint, she was still looking like this. For some reason, this wood DID not want to be painted white.

After it sat outside for a few days feeling defeated, I thought I'd give it another go with a more forgiving colour. I went and grabbed my Martha Stewart paint smaples from Home Depot (which I scored for a dolla!) and picked out Persimmon Red. Persimmon red isn't really red. It's more a mix between coral and salmon. But it's the perfect punch of colour for my very neutral home, and it ties in very well with one pillow I have on a bench as well as a painting I have hanging on the other side of the dining table.

 I have a bunch of what I like to call "sangria" wine. It's that wine you "make" at a wine kit place and smells like dirty socks. Ya, I will NEVER do that again. It is not my idea of an enjoyable glass of wine, but since I ordered 60 bottles of it, I'm stuck with it (when my just graduated from college brother comes over, I usally give him a couple of bottles because that guy will drink anything so long as it has alcoholic content). I do use it in sangria though, and it tastes just delicious once masked with fruit and brandy! Yum yum!

Sorry for the wacky lit photos. The empty rack photos were taken last night and the rest this morning, and this gal has no clue how to work the lighting with a camera.

Although I originally wanted it white, I'm really glad I used the Persimmon Red. My house needed that pop of colour so badly and I am quite enjoying it so far!

 Most of my wine on my rack is unfortunately sangria wine. But my top shelf is my good wine with a few good ones on the bottom as well. I need more wine to fill it up, so now you know what to get me whenever you fancy buying me a gift!

And although this isn't a "water" rack, I put some glass water bottles on there for good measure. After all, the key to avoiding a hangover is to drink one glass of water for every glass of booze, right?

And now I can cross that off my list (well, until I find that perfect bar cart- then this piece will have to find a new home- again!).

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  1. Love the color! It looks so intentional with that pillow right on the other side of the wall.

    1. Thanks Jennifer! Ya, it's funny how things sometimes work out like that! I will have to get a photo of it near the painting because they go SO well together! :)

  2. Jen, I freaking LOVE that colour!! Way to be bold, I usually steer straight for the white lol. I think this looks like an awesome statement piece now!! {Now I'm going straight to Home Depot to find Persimmon Red}

    1. It is a GREAT colour and although it was very difficult to let go of white on this project, I am so glad I did!

  3. very cute! What color are your walls?

  4. Such a fun color. Looks great in your home. Thanks again for stopping by my blog.

  5. Love how this turned out! Great job!

  6. Love the color of the wine rack, but I have to share a few FYI's about proper wine storage. You should not store your wine in direct sunlight or on an exterior wall. In its current location, your wine collection will be exposed to wide fluctuations in temperature and humidity which will damage the cork and the wine ultimately ruining the wine. Wine cellars are dark, cool and humid for very specific reasons. Room temperature is too high for proper wine storage. Wine storage temperature should not go over 75˚F for longer than brief periods of time. At 75°F, wine begins to oxidize. An ideal temperature for wine storage is 52°F. Just some friendly tips from a wine gal!

    1. Thanks for the info Amy! I knew at the time it wasn't "proper" wine storage, but it just looked so pretty, and perfect for that space! One day I will have a wine fridge built in to my kitchen, that is for certain! On the bright side, that spot doesn't get any sun as it is on an east facing wall, and I do live in Canada, so it barely gets above 75 in the summer. Our house is usually in the low 60's on average so I think we're okay for now. Thank you for the tips though! I love wine and hope to one day get a little bit more versed on it!

  7. One thing I most like about this make over is the "additional space". Wow! I don't believe you almost doubled the space.


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