Aqua Office Tour | The Beginning

Well, it's about time I start showing you a bit more of our casa, especially when I plan on switching things around and making things over.

Take a peek into my studio, which actually is my office/craft room/ girl cave/ laundry room. I could have said it was just my studio, but I like to keep it real, and for real, this couch usually has 2 laundry baskets full of clean laundry waiting to be folded on it.

I moved them for you though.

I love this room because it's MINE and I get to girlify it all I want! Only problem is, it's small. Teeny tiny. All my fellow townhouse dwellers, where ya at? Lucky for us, our guest bedroom is actually a really good size compared to most others around us, but this room is about 8ft by 9ft. That's like two NBA players lying at 90 degrees. Or the size of many a walk in closet.

This whole room was done (not that intentionally) on the cheap. Over time, I picked things up, and sometimes without a purpose, and they all kind of ended up in this room, and they ended up working.

Here's a quick breakdown:

White tufted Sofa (which lays flat to be a sofa bed) | Craigslist: $150
White curvy legged Desk | Interior Design Sale: $75
White Eiffel Repro Chair | NOOD Clearance Sale (before going out of bidness): $50
Ikea Hemnes Dresser | Already Owned (and was purchased about 4 years ago when it cost about $100 more than it does now- booo!)
Art | Interior Design Sale: $25
Metallic Chandy | Rona: $50
Mirror | Interior Design Sale: $15
Fabric for Pillows | $15

Everything Else: On hand

Anyways, you get the idea. Pretty cheap to furnish a whole room (albeit a teeny tiny one).

 And OF COURSE I set up my Apple electronics like this all the time. Why would you even ask such a silly question?

I collect boxes and packaging, and like to display the ones with meaning. Mr. Mans (random interjection: anyone else out there listen to Cosmo Radio on SiriusXM?) bought me a Juicy wallet in Vegas a few years back and it was such a sweet surprise. He even did a great job selecting one I would like (with a pretty box of course!). On my desk I have some of my Tiffany boxes and a Cartier box. That's a story for another day...

 A shot (overexposed and all) to show you how small this space that I'm working with truly is).

I had these magazine folders tucked away somewhere and decided to put them to use for organizing all of my Paper Society supplies.

To the left is a square white vase that I store my rolls of Silhouette vinyl in.

 I bought this painting at Interior Design warehouse sale #2 that I attended. It was a great size for the price, so I bought it on a whim. I have added a couple new colours to it with craft paint, but plan on painting over it a little more until I get it just so.

Now that you've seen the "progress" shots, here is what I still have yet to do:

  • Window treatments
  • Finish painting canvas
  • Reorganize craft drawers
  • Reorganize closet
  • Figure out where on earth to logically put my printer and Silhouette
  • New pillows?
  • Paint the tray the magazine folders are in 
  • Paint the mirror?
  • New hardware for dresser drawers
So, still quite a bit to do. 

Any space saving solutions you guys have come up with for a small home office?


  1. What a lovely space, Jen! I love the wall colour. My office is a vibrant blue that I chose because the colour looked great with both black and white accents. I ended up with yellow as my accent colour which I think is a more sophisticated combo than all the crazy colours for craft storage at Michaels.

    Your desk is gorgeous and so girly! I found that it was tricky to store my Silhouette somewhere when I got it and ended up putting it on a metal shelving unit from HomeSense that was sold as kitchen storage. It's great because there are two pull out wire baskets for holding all my vinyl, tools, etc. I still have to do my actual cuts on the floor though!

    I think my favourite thing is the artwork, and reading that you added to it just confirms what I already know - you're awesome!

    Is it weird that I would love to see inside your magazine boxes? I think it comes from being a teacher - I just love collections of stationery, labels etc.

    Do you have any sort of closet in there because I have a great storage solution for really packing in as much as you can!

    Can't wait to see more :)

  2. Love the paint colour!! I am beyond jealous that you have an office!! We have a spare room that is used as a spare room/laundry room too (okay, maybe lean more to the laundry side lol) which is a good size, especially compared to some of the new development sized rooms ("flex room", anyone?!) but it would really be pushing it to add a desk. Not that you haven't started me thinking about it though....

    My favourite part of the room is all of the hits of colour everywhere. I think it looks so effortlessly put together and fun! Can't wait to see what you change... I'm most excited for your window treatments :)

  3. "Girl cave" it! Such a cheerful space, I would love to work in here. That couch is an unbelievable score. Really well put together for being so small, nice work!

  4. What a beautiful room! I really love the wall colour, and it looks very multi-purpose in a really put together way. I also live in a townhouse and I use our teeny tiny third bedroom for my office/craft room too. We also used the much more reasonably sized second bedroom for the guest room. I love seeing what you've done with your house since I live in a somewhat spacially challenged space too. You have awesome style and it's really great inspiration!

    1. Thanks Steph! One of the main reasons I started my blog is because I wasn't able to find a lot out there geared towards townhouses of this style! Glad to hear I'm not the only one who uses a bedroom for a craft room! :) Thanks for stopping by!

  5. So, so pretty Jen! It looks amazing already, can't wait to see the finishing touches!

  6. Totally love this space!!! And I understand the smallness- being a townhouse resident myself. But you've really made the most of this space! Love the color.

  7. You did a whole lot of awesomeness in a wee little space. Love the paint color!

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  9. Just curious what the color is on the walls? I LOVE it!

    1. I am terrible- I have no clue. Will pick up the paint swatch at Home Depot when I'm there (probably tomorrow!)

  10. That’s a great choice of color, Jen! Aqua blue is the right paint to dilute the stress when it’s reaching the ceiling. Plus, this offers mental clarity, thus giving you more opportunity to produce a fruitful job. You know, it actually doesn’t look small. With the sufficient amount of light, it makes your office looks spacious.

    Clayton Steadham

    1. Thanks for your comment, Clayton! It certainly does help reduce stress levels!

  11. Hi Jen!
    I saw a printer in your office and was just wondering which one you have? I know random... but I figured it was probably a priority of yours and I am on the hunt for one so my purty designs too, will print out looking fabulous!


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