The Paper Society goes Palm Springs

The ingredients for my iPhone cases have finally all fell into place. The clear plastic cases arrived about a month ago, and now I have finally figured out how to use my new Silhouette cameo to cut these babies. Hallelujah! 

 We are having a crappy June in Vancouver (Juneuary, anyone?) so I felt the need to bring a little sunshine into my life by injecting major colour into my designs. The Palm Springs Collection was born out of my deep desire to be lounging in Palm Springs for 6 months of the year. Oh, retirement can't come soon enough! Lol.

This one is probably my fave. It's a multi-coloured chevron, and looks oh so juicy. Compliments my vintage faceted bracelet very well, if I do say so myself.

The mint scallop design is also up there on the list. I love the pastel colour and the simple and classic monogram design. I designed a slew of concepts but always came back to this one. Sometimes I just need to remember to keep it simple.

If you weren't around for my first iPhone case post, check it out here. Along with some other designs, you'll find out how you can make your very own customized iPhone case for $2. Yup, that's right. Less than a cup of joe.

 If you're not feeling the DIY route, you can also check out the Paper Society on etsy. The listing includes 1 clear case and 2 customized interchangeable designs printed on a textured canvas. I only have 7 in stock, so once they're gone I'm not sure when there will be more.

(Just got this Pippa necklace by Stella and Dot from some increible friends for my birthday. I LOVE it!)

Are you feeling the colours? Any input on what you'd like to see in future designs?

And in unrelated news, we finished up step 9 of 10 of our Master Bedroom Makeover last night, so once I get those pillows sewn, there will be a massive reveal post on the way!

Thanks for stopping by!

xo J


  1. These cases are so fun! I'm on my way over to check out your Etsy store. Can't wait to see your Master bedroom reveal. We'll be moving into our first house at the end of the month and I'm looking for inspiration!

    1. Oh yeah, and I just purchased your vintage link bracelet ;) I can't wait to receive it!


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