Healthy Eating and Mediterranean "Squashghetti"

I am obviously not a food blogger, and no expert cook by any means, but when I find a recipe that's too good not to share, well, I'm going to share it!

I've been on a bit of a health kick lately, however kick isn't the right word because I'm hoping it lasts longer than a kick. Maybe let's call it a health awakening? 

I grew up on easy, convenient meals and packaged snacks, so learning to grab an apple from the fridge instead of something in a box from Costco in the pantry is like learning to speak Italian for me. It's changing the very core of my food beliefs and behaviours. And so far, I'm feeling about a thousand times better about life and my health. Snacking on veggie sticks and fruit, and making dinner from REAL ingredients from scratch is rewarding! There's no beating yourself up because you just ate a cookie for lunch and a bag of microwave popcorn for dinner. Because I totally used to that. Quite frequently.

I could go on and on about my new relationship with food, but I will save that for another post because I just need to share this recipe with you. I've made it 4 times this week, it's that good.

Now if you are still eating popcorn for dinner and are used to massive portions of white pasta drenched in a creamy sauce, then you may not find this recipe as delectable as I do, because I've been eating sprouted grain toast and egg whites. Me gushing about this recipe is completely warranted because of my current state, so just be forewarned. For a healthy recipe, it's delish. And to be honest, it's so good I would probably want to eat it even if it weren't so healthy!

First things first, this recipe is E-A-S-Y. The first time I made it I cooked the squash in the oven so that definitely took some time, but I just cleaned around the house while I waited for it. The second squash I cooked I tried the microwave, and in 5 minutes I had a perfectly cooked spaghetti squash half. Hands down, I will never cook a spaghetti squash in the oven ever again (unless I have no access to a micro of course).

It really is so simple, and the fact that I have everything on hand (well except for the squash) on a daily basis makes this recipe a new staple in my life. And best of all, you can so easily modify this to your tastes or add other things you have on hand. I add bell peppers, but you could add zucchini, mushrooms, chicken etc and make it your own! The flavour comes from the feta, which melts a bit when you mix it in, along with the basil and olives. The flavour is fresh, subtle and sublime! And although I didn't put it in the recipe, I usually add sun-dried tomatoes and they take it to a whole other level!

One of the reviewers of the original recipe even added beaten eggs and bread crumbs the next day to make little breakfast patties! Genius!

Anywho, without further ado, here's the recipe that I like to call Mediterranean Squashghetti!

If you can't see the image clearly, here's the text version of the recipe:

Mediterranean Squashghetti


1/2 onion, sliced or diced
1 clove of garlic, minced
1 tsp olive oil
big handful grape tomatoes, halved
1/2 spaghetti squash, forked
2 tbsp fat free feta, crumbled
3 tbsp black olives, sliced
handful fresh basil
fresh lemon juice (optional)
sea salt

  1. Cut squash in half. Scoop out seeds and guts like you would a pumpkin. Place one half cut side down in microwave safe dish, add 1/4 inch of water and cover. Microwave for approximately 5 minutes.If a knife slides fairly easily through the skin, it’s ready!
  2. While the squash is cooking, sauté your onion and garlic in olive oil. Add any other veggies you’d like at this point as well.
  3. When you’re just about done sautéing, add your sliced grape tomatoes and saute for about a minute until tomatoes are warmed.
  4. Take your pan off the heat, and remove your squash from the microwave. Use a fork to get all the spaghetti squash strings on of the skin. Add to your pan.
  5. Mix spaghetti squash with sautéed veg, and then add feta and olives. Once all mixed, toss in your fresh basil (and optional- lemon juice and/or sundried tomatoes) and mix a couple more times. 
  6. Top with a touch of sea salt and enjoy!
Hope you give this recipe a go sometime. It really is super quick and filling! I am making it for my grandma this weekend so we'll see if it passes the test!

xo J


  1. Spaghetti is one of my favorite food, I think I will put into consideration this squashghetti. Squash is a vegetable I also like because of the benefits it gives.


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