Palm Springs Pop Art Party and Printables

Try saying that five times fast ;)

With the dreary weather we're having here up north in Van, I figured a little sunshine might lift my spirits.

I wish I could say I got to go on this AMAZING girls trip, but alas I did not. I did, however, help create some of the printable graphics for hostess Kristin (of the incredible Moustache Bash) and when she told me about their plans I just HAD to steal some photos and post it so I could live vicariously though this incredible group of friends.

Quick background- Kristin and I think 7 of her friends planned a trip to Palm Springs for their besties 30th birthday. The birthday girl is also getting married this summer so they had a lingerie shower for her while down there (and most of the activities were a surprise to her!).

Did you get to stay here for YOUR 30th birthday?

Ok, there are too many amazing things about this place to list, but OMG, that LOVE sign above the master bedroom?? I. DIE. I really really want to live in this house. And the fact that you could buy a comparable house for about the same as a 600 square foot condo in our city makes me a little sick. Not fair. Not fair at all. I actually looked into investing in Palm Springs real estate until I realized the loop holes and paper work with claiming US income in both countries was going to be a headache. But one day. Just you wait.

Back to reality.

The theme for this vacay was Pop Art with a little touch of Housewives of Palm Springs. The girls planned a fabulous weekend full of girly goodness, including flying in a Project Runway stylist, getting all glammed up, and having a photoshoot with a celebrity photographer. Pretty neat, hey?

Here are some photos the girls took on their trip.

And finally, some Pop Art inspired graphics! I heart Andy Warhol big time.

And, in case you ever want to host your very own Pop Art inspired bridal shower, here are some free printables pour vous!

Hope you enjoyed all the delicious eye candy! I definitely plan on renting this house one day. Hmmm, my 30th is in two years, hint hint. ;)




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