Master Makeover: The Reveal!

I hesitate to ever call a room "done" because it is always an evolution. So, other than the fact that there are likely new bedside tables, side lamps and pillows in the foreseeable future, I am still calling this room "done" (for now). It actually is probably one of the most finished rooms in our house, so that helps me get past the little things I would like to change but have to save for.

For the moment, our master bedroom looks like this:

What did we (erm, the hubby) do to take the room from THIS:


 Above: AFTER

Well, here's the list and cost breakdown:
  • Removed wallpaper, wallpaper paste and painted walls grey (Cost: $150)
  • Trimmed out the windows with 2.5 inch white trim and then painted the inside to create "faux" window casings (Cost: $30)
  • Painted "free" craigslist dresser a light grey, trimed out the scrolly toe kick with a piece of wood, and replaced the hardware on the drawers (Cost: $30)
  • Painted the espresso legs of the bench white, and sewed a grey slipcover to cover the old mocha microfibre (cost: paint $0 (on hand), upholstery fabric $3 (had on hand but purchased a couple of months ago at a designer warehouse sale)
  • Switched out old headboard for a grey upholstered one. It used to be a window seat in it's previous life at a show home, but for now it is our headboard. One day it may end up as a window seat again under that large window we have. (Cost: $8 at designer sale)
  • New mint and white bedding (Cost: $20 from warehouse sale)
  • Sewed floral pillows (Cost: $3 for fabric from warehouse sale)
  • Hung faux roman shades (Cost: $15 for velcro, wood was on hand, faux roman shades cost $24 for all three from warehouse sale last year)
So, just under $300 for the entire room makeover. Not too shabby, hey? Thank goodness for my designer sale scores! When I set out to do this room, I made a promise to myself to use as much of my warehouse sale finds as possible. I bought quite a lot of stuff, and I have half a craft room full of things I have yet to use (including about 20 roman shades), and so in the interest of saving money AND clearing out some space, I forced myself to work with what I had. And I am pretty darn happy I did. 

For the first time in 2.5 years, I can say I actually love spending time in our bedroom. I now bring my iPad up to bed and like to curl up and watch TV on our not as nice TV in the bedroom just so I can immerse myself in the energy I feel while I'm in there. Man, it makes such a difference!

Here are some of the details..

Marble Torre & Tagus box from warehouse sale for some of my watches.

An Umbra soap dish used for my little pretties.

New lamp shade still to be added, but this is the entertainment side of the bedroom.

I am NOT a seamstress, but somehow I found a way to sew this slipcover. It's not perfect, but I like it. It works. I've been wanting to paint this espresso bench with mocha fabric FOREVER and so glad I finally did! Ok, the hubby painted it but I sewed the slip cover!

 The fabric for the pillows was an awesome find at the most recent designer warehouse sale I attended (I got that fabric, the bench fabric and the bedding all there). The floral pattern is lovely and adds just the right pop of colour. The mirror looks much bigger in person than in this photo, but it's still something I'd like to replace down the road.

Ahh peonies. My fave. Waking up to the smell is just divine. And of course a kissy shot of my hubby ain't too bad to wake up to either!

And again, the whole room complete. I wil try and do some posts on the faux window casings and put up some better pictures because you can't really see them in these photos. They were so cheap and easy to do, and make miles of difference!

Oh, and the paint is from Cloverdale Paint (in Canada) and it's called Excalibur. To be honest, I wish we had gone a touch lighter and a touch greiger, but I am not going to dwell on that. I am just happy to finally have a painted bedroom!

Looking back at the before photos, I can't help but ask myself "WHAT was I thinking???". I am SO happy to check this off the list!

Whaddya think?

xo J


  1. Looks amazing Jen!! So soft and serene...just as a bedroom should be:)

  2. Wow, Jen! This makeover is GORGEOUS! What a serene space compared to the before. Isn't it amazing how decor evolves so quickly. I bet you smile every time you walk into this beautitul room :)

    Love all the little accents and congrats to you for sewing that slipcover! It looks awesome!

  3. I had to laugh when I saw the previous comment describe it as serene, too (it wasn't there when I first commented!)

  4. this is amazing- I love how simple it is

  5. It's very relaxing and pretty but needs more pops of color like hot pink, coral, red or more yellow. Something punchy!

    1. Don't worry- it's coming! That's where the extra pillows I have yet to decide on come in, but who knows when I will actually pull the trigger and choose something. For now, I'm calling it finished, with more to come!

  6. WOW...can i come hang out in your room? it's stunning! i wouldn't get out of bed!

    1. Thanks! It's just nice to have a calm and peaceful place to sleep and hang out!

  7. Beautiful Jen! It looks so serene. Love it all!

    1. Thanks Christine! Serene is what I was aiming for! :)

  8. AMAZINGGG transformation Jen!!! I absolutely love and share your tastes, so I heartily approve and adore all your design choices ;)

  9. I love it!! I am jealous and obsessed over your pillow fabrics, they are awesome.

  10. Great work - what a beautiful room! I'm intrigued to find out more about this warehouse sale you went to for all those fabulous finds! Do these sales happen often? If you're able to share some more information, I would be most appreciative! Thanks!

    1. Unfortunately they are not very frequent, but when they happen they are AMAZING! Basically it is a warehouse full of furniture and accessories from designer show homes that are cleared out at incredible prices. Keep your eyes on the newspaper classifieds or get chummy with people who work for real estate developers and you may catch wind of a designer sale. It is pretty much my heaven.

  11. I am in love with your aqua blue watch! Where can I get one?

  12. What color grey is this room please?


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