Winner Winner iPhone Dinner!

Well, it is April 1st today, which means April Fools Day and my contest winners announcement. Winners, do not worry, this is NOT an April Fools joke- you actually did win!

The 5 randomly selected winners who have won a customized iPhone insert design (I customize it for you and then email you the PDF file to print and put in your own iPhone 4 case) are:

  • Adriana from Sunny California
  • LovingLiveinGR, Grand Rapids Michigan
  • Nancy from Kitchener, ON
  • Julie Gunn from Surrey, BC
  • Katie Reynolds from Aurora, IL

And our GRAND prize winner who gets a full hard case for their iPhone complete with a custom insert mailed to them is:
 ....... Crystal B from Winnipeg, MB!

Congrats everyone! Thank you for making my first blog giveaway a total blast! It was fun getting to know where everyone was from, and what kind of styles you have (will definitely incorporate some more chevron into my designs thanks to you guys!).

If you are a winner, please email me at so we can discuss details, like what you want on your design etc! Some of you have private blogger profiles so this will be the only way for us to touch base.

And, hope you all have a fantastic April Fools! I am off to create a devious plan to completely prank the hubby before he wakes! If you want to share your April fools day pranks, please do- I need some inspiration! :)


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