Hammered Metal Tray Makeover

Well, AOA (Already Own April) is already off to a running start! I did a couple fun and easy projects yesterday with things on hand, which was very satisfying in the home department.

First things first, I decided to raid our paint closet and see what I could come up with. I found a quart of this fabulous hammered silver paint that was used for some pipe and drape back in my wedding planning days, and there's still a good chunk of it left.

This stuff STANKS and is not at all good for your lungs, but it's a fantastic product. It dries quickly, and best of all, it dries with a a hammered surface, so you can be a messy painter and it doesn't really matter. This stuff even developed a nasty thick skin in the last year since I've used it and I was still able to use the paint underneath!

But what to paint with it? Hmmm. I'm sure somewhere in your house there is something that you only sort of like. You might like the shape or the lines, but don't prefer the colour. Well, that's what I went for. I bought this little tray for $10 on sale last year.

It's just a wee tray but from a designer store, so the price tag was a steal compared to it's original price. This was a case of me buying something I don't really need nor like the colour of, but just HAD to get it because it was on sale (this whole already own April is probably making a lot more sense to you now, hey?). Anyways, it's been in our bathroom on the hubby's side holding his small selection of man toiletries, but the colour has always bugged me. I didn't quite know how the lacquered surface would react to the paint, but sure enough this paint is Hercules and sticks to anything. Literally.

I gave it ONE quick coat and other than stinking up my kitchen, it did a great job doing everything it was supposed to do. My favourite favourite thing about this product is that when it dries it is superbly durable. It's almost like a mix between a laquer and a metal coating. It really is great. I used it last summer to paint two lamp bases I have and they turned out really nice (well, except for the shades- that will be another AOA project). I am definitely going to use it to paint other things around the house that could use a little hammered lovin.

After my tray was painted, I decided it was just too pretty to go back to hubby's sink and get covered with razors, cologne and toothpaste, so out popped my lil dollar store apothecary jars, cute as ever. Since I have 3 in the kitchen holding salts and peppers, these ones made their way upstairs and under the sink until I could figure out what to do with them. I know it's rather shocking that I haven't labeled these yet, but I like the clean look of them as they are. Maybe in the future they'll get a pretty vintage label, but for now, I will just longingly look at my free baby of makeover!

Another random thing I did yesterday was upgrade our dish soap pump. We just bought a new bottle of dish soap in a very pretty blue color, and I felt like it deserved a place above the counter this time. I used an old pump I had (it's a Starbucks syrup pump cut down to size) and an old fashioned soda bottle form a friends wedding, and tada! I know Pinterest would have you believe that this is super easy and all of your jars and bottles will magically fit all of your pumps, and well, it's just not true. I've tried a number of Pinterest inspired projects and have yet to actually find a perfect fit. For now this fit will do although it's not tightly screwed on. I may just have to pull out my glue gun and attach it that way?

Any AOA projects you guys have completed yet? Would love to see them!


  1. I see so many inspiring ideas!! Most of what I love are things found at Dollar Store. Can you tell me if it's Dollar Tree or Dollar Store exactly? Thank you!

    Stopping by from iHeartOrganizing :)


  2. I love your site, found you through iheartorganizing as well, glad to see your in Canada, yay, love finding great Canadian blogs. As soon as I saw these jars, I headed out to Dollarama and bought me some, what am I going to do with them, I have no idea, but they will come in handing soon, I can feel it. I too am a diy'er, but it has to be easy. I have tried all the diy projects that take days, waiting for things to dry, etc. but lose patients and give up. Happy to have found your blog.

    1. Thanks Sheri! Glad you found the jars at Dollorama! Aren't they darling? I still have a few I have yet to use, but I know they will be perfect for something! Just so cute and CHEAP! Thanks for stopping by :)

  3. Hi! Just found your blog and I'm loving it. We use an old blue wine bottle for our dish soap and I just bought a liquor pour-er (not sure what they are called but they are stainless steel and have a small lid attached to them) that I found for really cheap at Target. You do have to turn the bottle upside down to get soap out so if you really like having a pump then it wouldn't be as convenient but it sure looks pretty.


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