Jonathan Adler Cupboard Makeover

I'm not going to consider this an Already Own April project, but I did not buy a thing for this cupboard organizing project. That's right. I just happen to have fabulous in-laws who come to visit and bring us things! They are so amazing and usually come with new pillows, towels, and packs upon packs of toilet paper and paper towel. Seriously, how awesome is that? This time, to accompany our usual paper towel and TP loot, they brought some extra goodies that literally caused me to convulse on the couch. First off, they bought us TWO rain shower heads for both bathrooms to replace our dinky, no-water pressure ones that came with our home. Holy. Cow. I don't know how I lived without them before. I die! And to top it off, they brought down these a-freaking-mazing Jonathan Adler toilet roll covers. Apparently they've been all over TV commercials and the interwebs, but somehow I missed them.

I'm not much of a toilet roll cover girl (nor do the bright colours and patterns really jive with my subdued bathroom schemes of the moment), but who says you have to use these for toilet paper? They are a fantastic size for holding a host of other things within your cupboard, and best of all, cheap! If you deduct the value of the toilet paper roll that comes inside, you're looking at about $1.50 per container, which is a great deal for a container from the dollar store, but a complete steal for something with Jonathan Adler's stamp of approval.

After removing the TP roll inside, I used goof off to get all the adhesive off the containers left by manufacturers stickers, and then washed them with warm soapy water. They seem clean and kosher to me, but since I already have food stored in my Dollorama containers, these will not be used for food. The dog cupboard has been a thorn in my side for sometime, and despite organizing all the treat packages into a basket, we still couldn't manage to keep the treats looking organized. This distaster of a cupboard was the perfect candidate for a JA overhaul!

Hard to believe I used EIGHT of these to decant dog food and dog treats considering our furbaby is just 10 pounds! Let's just say we won't be buying treats for a while. The two in back hold "backup dog food" (we give her a holistic brand of dog food called Innova, but when we've run out we've had to buy it from the grocery store, so we keep it in the back in case of dog-food emergencies), the two in the middle have "mini milk bones" and "mini dog treats", and the front two are for "milk bones" and "dog treats". The two on the left side have doggie meds and other health related items for her.

And of course, what would a cupboard makeover be without labels!

And here's a "during" shot showing my pretty containers neatly stacked deep into the cupboard (this cupboard is under our island for those wondering.

I'm really happy with how it turned out, especially since it used to look like THIS:

Not bad for a cheapo makeover, hey? And soooo in love with JA that it makes me smile even more. Jonathan Adler is one of the only actual collections I have given myself the go ahead to curate. My first JA acquisition was the Kensington duvet, followed by 4 matching accent pillow and the sheet set. I got all but the sheet set on sale, so my $600 worth of bedding only ended up costing about $150. After that, I've been gifted with or bought the following: a vase trio, two sets of salt and pepper shakers, my favourite white ceramic cat, ceramic animal christmas ornaments, dog scarf, dog placemat, magnetic note board, two chrome ceramic bird figurines and two chrome ceramic vases.

Love love love! Anyways, hop on over to Walmart and snatch up some JA toilet roll covers before their gone! They are the perfect way to bring a little spring into your kitchen or bathroom (and on the cheap, of course!)

And, because this cupboard makeover was done just for her, here's a cutie shot of Sadie chilling on top of our pillows and soaking up the sunshine.

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  1. This is such an awesome way to use these! I didn't realize that they were made of something that could be washed - are they plastic? I have a code for one somewhere but didn't know if it was worth it for the shipping to Canada.

    When you say Walmart, do you mean in Canada or the U.S? (since I know you're a Canadian blogger!)

    Thanks for another inspiring organization post :)

    Claire @

    1. Hi Claire! They're a pretty sturdy plastic, however I don't know that I would trust them in the dishwasher. Although the lids snap on well, I also wouldn't trust them to be air tight, but they work great for many things that don't require an air tight seal. I just decanted a box of earl grey tea into one container and it's fab! SO much better than the cardboard box it comes in that can get smooshed. And yes, you can get them at Walmart Canada as well as in the US I'm sure. If you use your coupon you still have to pay $2 S&H which is the same as the Walmart price ($2.17).

      Thanks for stopping by!! :) J

    2. I'll be having another look at Walmart, for sure! How did I miss these lovelies in the TP aisle?!

  2. Beautiful! Do you know if they will ship overseas?

    1. I don't know! I think you can check online though!

  3. I love the idea of using them for other things. Occassionally I see a great pattern on a facial tissue box, too. Although not as durable as these, maybe I'll still think of other uses for them. Thanks for inspiring! New to your blog and lovin' it!

    1. I know, I am really starting to think of ways I can reuse and repurpose things I otherwise would have thrown in the recycling bin. There are so many great packages out there that are wonderful for organizing (and free!). Thanks for stopping by! :)

  4. I love JA. What a great idea, I need to do this :)


  5. I finally remembered to check when I was at Walmart today and I found them for $1.75! Fun container, roll of TP and a $2 off coupon = amazing deal! I bought the teal and green one and am way more excited than I should be to find a home for it!

    Thanks for the tip that you could find them at Walmart :)

    Happy Weekend!

  6. Love the labels! Any chance you'll put those in the "Freebies" section :)


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