Healthy(ish), Vegan Christmas Cookie Recipes | Sugar and Gingerbread

We had some of our favourite friends over last week for a Christmas baking night, and I knew for things to go smoothly/quickly, I should have the dough pre-made. So, the day before I scoured the internet for the best recipes I could find - and because they turned out SO good, I just had to share them with you. And, sneakily, they don't contain any dairy or eggs, but you would NEVER know. My 3 baking partners as well as taste testers at work were completely fooled! And even if you don't need to avoid dairy/eggs, it sure doesn't hurt to have a slightly healthier holiday cookie recipe up your sleeve (because then you can eat more) and it also means you can eat dough as you go along, which, let's be honest, is really the best part (and the whole point of baking, right!).

This is totally how our cookies looked (not).

Okay, the sugar cookies aren't really healthy, but they were tasty and vegan, so tomato/tomahto. That said, these are probably the BEST sugar cookies I've ever tasted so I don't know why you would make another recipe ever again now that you have this one.  Not to mention super easy ingredients unlike other recipes I found that called for cornstarch (which I was out of) and cream of tartar (which I don't have). Head here for the delish recipe.

This gingerbread recipe, on the other hand, uses some much more healthful ingredients which makes indulging a lot less sinful. I used coconut oil, coconut sugar and blackstrap molasses (all organic) for an authentic and delicious (and very dark) gingerbread recipe.

And, camera is already packed so no photos of our creations (which were actually really nice less a few very naughty cookies in non-Christmas shapes).

What is your go-to holiday cookie recipe?


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