On the Purge of Something Good

Today we are hosting a garage sale. But what makes our garage sale different than most is that, well, everything is... free. Yup, we are having a FREE garage sale. Sure, we could probably list every individual thing on craigslist and maybe make a couple hundred bucks, but the problem is we have a lot of LITTLE things. Things that would sell for $5, if that, on CL. And the time it would take to sell all of our junk just isn't worth it to us. Which is why our junk has been sitting in our garage for a few years collecting dust.

We really want to clean and organize our garage and make it a functional place, so for us, unloading all this stuff and letting them go to better homes, will be a major blessing. We have 30 RSVP's coming to our free-crap giveaway, and after that I removed the posting. We don't want any fights over free stuff, now do we?

What will I be most sad to say goodbye to? I bought 2 chairs on craigslist last spring and was really excited to refinish them. Okay, I guess not really excited because they sat unfinished in my garage for a year, but still. I had a vision for them, and with a nice coat of white paint and some fun new upholstery, those chairs would have looked like a million twenty bucks! Truth be told, I have so many other projects to get to, that this one was so far down my list. Especially since I have nowhere in our house to put these chairs, so pretty much would be refinishing them to sell for next to nothing.

The frugal part of me keeps telling me that I should have just spent the time and listed the stuff individually, but this will make the hubby incredibly happy, and that's worth it. And I know that deep down, I would probably never get around to it, so sometimes you just have to be honest with yourself and PURGE! Even if it means giving stuff away for free :)


  1. I'm working on decluttering the house and will have some of the same problems. I think I might just donate all the little things to the Salvation Army. I have a pile of things I'm supposed to sell on CL, but I haven't done it and the pile has been sitting there for over a year. Yikes!

    I just found your blog and am enjoying reading all the posts.


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