Cocktail Party Invitations

I had a really great DIY project and post planned for today, but I left my optometry appointment this morning with more than a contact lens prescription. My pupils were HUGELY dilated from the drops they used, and I even had to wear these super ghetto old man sunglass shields behind my glasses because daylight was too much for my eyes to handle, not to mention a computer or phone screen. Couldn't even read my text messages!

Other than the usual cleaning and laundry I do on days off, I did sneak in enough time to whip up these invites. One of my good groups of girlfriends and I get together every month or two at someone's house. The number who attend varies, but consistently there's at least 6 of us. We take turns hosting so usually host once or twice a year, and next month I get to play hostess with the mostess. We drink champagne, eat delish food, and gab all night. My friend Meghan's hubby dubbed us the Champagne Mafia a couple of years ago and it has stuck ever since.

Anyways, the point of this post is that I LOVE actual invites. I do not judge if you invite me somewhere via facebook or evite, but I personally love the look and feel of an actual paper invite. For me, especially, they are super easy to whip up, and since I'm a lover of all things old fashioned, I appreciate the nod to the past in which things were amiably formal.

And, gosh, I'm starting to get embarrassed by my constant mention of the dollar store, but I got this set of 10 invites (paper, backing and envelope) for just $2 making these 20 cents a piece. Best of all, this set by Peter Pauper Press sells on their website for $10. Shabang! Oh Dollorama, how I heart you <3

Now I am off to get ready for Champagne Mafia hosted at girlfriends tonight! It her first time hosting and is sure to be smashing good time!


  1. Great invites! Just wondering what fonts you used? Thanks! Crystal

  2. Hi Crystal! The calligraphic font is Carolyna Words by Emily Lime Designs. You can buy her full font for $89, but I just used the sample font which is a ding font, so the words are predertermined! The other font is Upper East Side! :)

  3. So pretty! I was checking out your Etsy shop earlier. LOVE EVERYTHING! I wanted to stop by and let you know I'm passing along the Liebster Award to you :) Come check it out at


  4. I love that idea! I wish "my girls" lived closer so we could start a champagne mafia of our own :) Thanks for sharing!

  5. Hah! I was just looking at these yesterday! They are very cute!

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