Spring has Sprung! And it's all about COLOUR!

Happy spring, beauties! We've had a couple cloudy/rainy days recently, but last week? My oh my, was it glorious sunshine and summer weather all around! Unfortunately I worked through most of our "mini summer", but I enjoyed it nonetheless and look forward to more sunshiney days!

Until the sun decides to poke its happy face back into my corner of the world again, these are some of the things bringing a splash of colour into my spring!

Bright colours. Fresh fruit. Need I say more?

The most stunning floral arrangement I have ever seen. Do you know the source? Because I want a better quality photo and some credit to give, because it's that drop dead gorgeous.

Playing with this juicy pink Asus X202 laptop with Windows 8 that Microsoft loaned me for a couple of weeks as past of their Windows Champions program was loads of fun (this touch screen laptop blew me away! So easy to use and loved the sleek design of the case and keyboard). If I didn't rely so heavily on my Macbook Pro for my design work, I would 100% have to have one of these (I can't believe how inexpensive it is for such a quality laptop! Oh Apple, how you've jaded me to think that $1500 is how much a laptop should cost).

I am completely smitten with the photo above. It was taken by the talented Gillian Stevens and is part of the spring lookbook for my girlfriends boutique Muse Social Fashion House. I just love the floral prints, the colours and the black and white blazer. I even set this photo as my wallpaper on my laptop. It just makes me happy! I am so ready to pack up my winter clothes and get my spring/summer wardrobe out in full force!
And last but not least, all this spring loving lit a fire under my behind and I decided to curate some of my favourite florals for my upcoming collection of iPhone cases. These are just renderings and there are sure to be changes, but you get the idea! Pretty + functional = everything I've ever wanted in a phone case. More details to come soon, but wanted to give you a sneak peak!

What are you loving this spring?

Disclosure: I am a Windows Champions Blogger for 2013. As part of my participation in the program I will have the opportunity to try out new products and promotions. As always, 100% of opinions are my own.


  1. I MUST have iphone case #2!! Perfect for my peony obsession :)

  2. Love, love, love, all these new pops of color for Spring :)

  3. I love your blog .This is a cool site and I wanted to post a little note to tell you, good job! Best wishes!!!
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  4. Hi Jen,

    I had that floral arrangement pinned to my Pinterest...I love it too! :) I think the original source for the photo is: http://ellabellafloral.blogspot.ca/2011/09/catherine-and-ben.html Hope that helps!

  5. Loving the iPhone cases! So cute! Good to know about the laptop. I love all things pink! Such a cute laptop Size wise that is a lot cheaper than the Air. Wondering if it would be handy for travel, etc. I LOVE my Macbook pro, but when you need to take a laptop with you on the go, it's a little big. Which is sad. I never thought I would say that


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