A Must-Make Christmas Recipe

I wasn't planning on posting until after Christmas, but my mother-in-law made the yummiest dish for our "Christmas Rehearsal Dinner" the other night, and I loved it so very much I just had to share it with you in case you're looking for something to add to your Christmas menu!

My in-laws tried a similar red cabbage dish at a fancy restaurant in London, and mom-in-law decided to give it a go herself this year. It is a traditional German recipe and absolutely packed with flavour!

If you don't like red cabbage, have no fear; this does not taste like cabbage one bit. The apple, vinegar and cloves make this dish taste like pure, unadulterated Christmas. It will leave your taste buds a-tingling. I was weary before taking a bite, but as soon as I tried it, I knew a new Christmas dinner tradition had been born. I'm very much looking forward to having it again for our Christmas meal!

And, did you know that cloves are one of the most anti-oxidant rich foods on the planet? And that red cabbage is probably the most affordable nutrient rich plant food out there? I think that makes this a win-win recipe if you ask me!.

To find the recipe for this deliciousness, check out the original here.

And to my lovely, fantastic readers who put up with my random, sporadic postings, Merry Merry Christmas to you and your family! I hope the holidays bring you many happy memories with those you  love.



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