DIY Love: A little Canadian Genius and a Bench

You know I love me an easy, inexpensive DIY, and in particular, ones that result in  a funky bench.

This one takes the cake for me. Three Ikea chairs. Wood. Stain. Stencil. Voila!

If you aren't already a follower of the very popular Mini Manor blog, then you need to head over right NOW! Don't wait! Not only is Ashli a Martha Stewart -furniture building-recipe making genius, but she's also a fellow Canadian (more specially, British Columbian) blogger. And anyone who can make a bench like this deserves some love!


  1. I love her! I saw that post and thought it was genius. :) They are an amazing couple and I love checking in a seeing what they've been up to!

  2. This is brilliant!! Heading over to check out her blog right now!


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