A week for the English

I have been absent from the blog lately, and I have this to blame:

 (Not our actual dog, but he looks like this. Actual photos to come once I get my life together.)

We just welcomed a second bundle of fur into our lives. A 12 week old English Cream longhaired dachshund named Max. He came to us as Marley, then spent about a day as Theodore (Teddy), half a day as Sullivan (Sully) and now is officially Max. Hubby named him, and that's A-okay with me, because when it's baby time, I get the naming rights!

He is the sweetest little thing and we absolutely adore him. I could cuddle with his all day long. Sadie and him are getting along just great! Perhaps having each other to play with will give me more time to project and blog instead of entertaining Sadie all day? Wow I sound like a terrible dog mom, hey? But it's the truth. 

On another English note, my sister-in-law and her fiance arrive tomorrow from London for a stay. My in-laws arrived last night, and we have a big pool party/BBQ at our clubhouse tomorrow night and loads of other events. So although I'm not consistent anyways, you won't see too much of me around here, until maybe Tuesday. BUT I hope to have something fun next week. I would really like to take part in the Pinterest Summer Challenge, so we'll see what I can manage between hosting guests and entertaining!

Have a great weekend!

Cheers :) 



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