Summer Pinterest Challenge: Backyard on a Budget Part II - Spray Painted Chairs

I owe much thanks to the Pinterest Challenge. Last summer I posted this blog post about my pantry makeover which lead to more inspiration and more pantry makeover fun with this blog post which was featured on one of my favourite blogs which also lead to the successful launch of my etsy shop as well as prompted me to actually make a go at this blogging thing a little more regularly. So thank you Pinterest and the Pinterest Challenge! And of course thanks YHL and friends for hosting once again!

This year I didn't do something pantry-esque, but instead decided to something totally different and outside the labels box. If you've read my Backyard on Budget Part 1 post you'll know that I like things to look good, but I don't like to spend a lot of money getting there. That's where the inspiration for this makeover came from.

I had a pair of resin wicker (is that what they're called?) outdoor chairs that my mom gave me that have been sitting outside awkwardly and unused. I didn't really have a place for them and the brown patio furniture has me bored these days. I'm definitely more of a white and grey kinda girl.

Lucky me when I found this pin on Pinterest! (Original post found here on Our Pinteresting Family).

So bye bye brown, hello grey! Since I didn't pay for these, and they are a dime a dozen, I didn't mind testing out a little spray paint makeover on them.

Of course I didn't snap a before photo, but I'm sure you get the picture. Brown. Standard. Nothing to write home about. Desperately calling out to be given some love.

Four to five light coats of Krylon Grey spray paint later, I had these beautiful babies.

Modern. Clean. Just like me! You can see our other patio furniture in the background here. One day I will get my hands on those babies, but will probably require a lot more than the 2 cans of spray paint I used for these.

We have an awkward wrap around patio that doesn't really get used for much, so I was determined to create a little bistro area. I had this old ikea table in the garage that was given to me by a friend when she no longer needed it, so I figured, hey, why not? It is not "outdoor" so we will need to replace the melamine top someday soon, but for a practically free outdoor set, I think it works for now!

Thanks for stopping by and I can't wait to check out all of the other Pinterest Challenge posts!




  1. I"m not usually one for the modern styles, but I like the simplicity of your little bistro area. Isn't it great what some spray paint can do?

  2. It looks lovely Jen! I'd love to sit and have a glass of wine there! Beautiful job :) XO

  3. Chairs and table look great! Just wondering: the tray/cutting board on the table? Is that a purchase or DIY project? I have been looking for a thin/sleek cutting board to use more as a serving tray for a while now...Looks like it could pretty easily be done with some sanding and stain but if I could just go pick that up somewhere I could save all that elbow grease..haha. Thanks!


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