A Garden Party First Birthday

In September my little nugget turned one (WHERE THE HECK DOES THE TIME GO?!?!), and coming up with a theme was a monstrous task for me. I started planning when she was about 4 months old and by the time the party was within sight, my little "Parisian cafe" theme had morphed into recreating an entire streetscape in Paris complete with working cafe, flower shop and bakery. NUTSO, I know. Having a custom street facade built, sourcing out glass display cases for the bakery, and trying to find multiple kids-sized wrought iron and marble bistro sets was literally the end of me. I just quit. I told my husband that I couldn't do it. Quinn didn't need a birthday party, did she? I mean, she's one. She has no clue what's going on. And that's true. But as he reminded me, this party was for me. This was also a celebration of my first year as a mother, and he was right.

A few weeks passed where I legitimately didn't want to do anything. If I couldn't recreate Paris, I didn't want to have a party at all. And then I felt bad; after months of pouring energy into creating parties for our Party Society blog, and for friends, and for friends' friends, I didn't want to look back and say that I used all of my party planning energy for others and then didn't have anything left for my own daughter. That just felt awful to me. But I had also reached burn out level and the idea of doing everything I would normally do was overwhelming.

So I did what I could to create a memorable party without going overboard. I scratched many, many things off my list during the planning process, and despite knowing that I could have done so much more, I'm glad that I didn't. Because, sometimes taking a new direction and trying to make a party "low key" can actually turn out pretty fabulous. And thankfully for me, I have some really talented friends who made it all possible.

 I'm happy with how everything turned out, but above all - that we had such an amazing day with our closest family and friends celebrating the most loving and wonderful little girl that I get to call mine.

More details on the party at the end of the post. Enjoy my mostly non-edited, poorly lit photos - because if we wait for me to edit them, well, I'll never post them :)

I definitely couldn't have pulled this party together without the flower wall backdrop from Flowerwall Vancouver (my friend and other blog partner's company). It really did help me decide on the final direction I wanted to go in, and set the scene for the day.

My good friend Janet at Pete's Sister Creative gifts did the cakes (well, the main cake was a bit of a DIY project for another post) and the always amazing macarons. We actually had two parties (one for friends and one for family) since the guest list was so large, hence why we needed so many cakes.

And, two awesome friends of mine from my mommy group contributed their skills/wares - the restored vintage highchair and the birthday crown (if interested, message me for their details!).

FLOWERS: Thrifty's Flower Shop
"ONE" BALLOON Cheers & Co
CAKE STANDS: Homesense


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