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It's been a long time coming, but I'm hoping to revamp The Paper Society with some fresh new labels. Since moving and starting a full-time job which leaves little time for custom labels orders, I am hoping to add more "ready-designed" sets to the Etsy shop, but also want to make sure that customers don't miss out on the variety of labels that they need - so I'm asking you for help!

(My fridge does not actually look like this - see here for more)

1) What are your top pantry items that you would be likely to decant into a container and want a label for?

2) Would you prefer smaller rectangular labels, slightly larger square labels, or a mixture of both?

3) What colour(s) would be your preference for pantry labels?

4) Would you also like to see fridge labels and other household labels included in the collection?

5) What do you think of having different collections to choose from like "Baking", "Essentials", "Gluten Free", Vegan", "UK/Aus-Specific"? I get so many request for different types of labels that perhaps it would be nice to have  choice?

And to thank you for your time, anyone who contributes their two cents will get a code to use on etsy for a free download of any of my ready-designed labels (including the TBD new collections!)

Thank you all so much for your feedback! xo

And if it's looking different around here - it's because it is. This is my very temporary trying-to-get-through blog design until I actually get the time to revamp the blog as well!


  1. I love these labels! I hope my answers help you in your future designs.
    1. Flour, sugar, wheats, grains, beans, nuts, and baking items.
    2. A mixture of both
    3. Either blue (the color you have now) or a chalkboard look.
    4. I would love to see other labels in the collection. I am going to organize my fridge and spices next and would like all of the containers/labels to match.

    Very cute labels!!

  2. Your labels are adorable and so cute!!!
    1. Almonds, noodles, sugar, baking soda and cereal.
    2. Mixture of both.
    3. Light blue and light pink, both colors you have in your collection.
    4. Yes, I wold love to see other labels. I would love to see some cleaning supply labels.
    5. I would love to have other collections to choose from. I like the baking and essentials idea.
    I so enjoy reading your blog and seeing the photos you post. Always amazing!!!

  3. I'm a label fanatic too like you! But you're like on a new level. lol.
    01. almonds, flax seeds, chia seeds, sugar, coffee, creamer bouillon
    02. square
    03. light gray, beige, white
    04. yes
    05. it think the categories are good. if i were to look for labels, I would know what specific category to look at.
    Looking forward to your new label posts !

  4. 1) pastas, cereal, granola, sugar, flour
    2) smaller rectangular
    3) neutral tones, light turquoise, light yellow
    4) I would prefer more pantry labels for things that would be grouped together on a shelf or basket, such as sauces, snacks, fruit, baking supplies, etc.
    5) Personally, I don't have a need for these, but it can't hurt to have them available

    Love your blog and the look of all your labels!

  5. 1. Coffee, walnuts, almonds
    2. Squre
    3. Light Blue, chalkboard
    4. yes
    5. excellent categories

  6. 1. Flour, Sugar, Cocoa powder, rice, pastas, panko
    2. Variety as long as they are cohesive
    3. White with a border maybe?
    4. I don't decant as much in my fridge, but maybe drawer labels (fruits, veggies, cheese, herbs)
    5. I would use categories like Baking, Pastas, Sides, Essentials

  7. 1) flour, sugar, nuts, oatmeal, corn meal
    2) both sizes (med & small) rectangular (like your picture above)
    3) light blue, white, grey & chalkboard
    4) like the idea of separate categories (pantry, cleaning, fridge)
    5) like your suggestions as well.

  8. Dark Brown or Neutral Colors
    1) Baking items - Flour, Sugar, Sprinkles, Chocolate, Marshmallows
    2) Nuts - Cashews, Walnuts, etc.
    3) Snack by Types - Fruit, Cracker, Cookie, Candy, etc.

    4) Spice Packets (I'm referring to the taco spice packets, yeast, etc.)
    & I agree rectangular are needed - small, medium and large

  9. 1. Variety of flours, arrowroot powder, potato starch, chia seeds, sugars, sucanat, quinoa, bulgar wheat, variety of rices, oats, cornmeal, cocoa powder, variety of dried beans/lentils, snack items (crackers, popcorn, tortilla chips, granola bars)
    2. Both sizes
    3. Love the current color. Grey too.
    4. yes
    5. Different collections sound good.

  10. Granola- Homemade unsalted butter- homemade butter with sea salt- homemade butter milk- raw milk- all with spaces to write expiration dates, so maybe lamination so I could use them as dry erase would work.

  11. 1. Different types of Pasta: Lasanga, Spaghetti, Bowtie, Spirals, and Macaroni. Different types of Sugar: Granulated, Powder, and Brown. Flour, rice, cereal, cookies, and most any dry goods.

    2. Definitely both sizes and maybe even more!

    3. I think you should offer Color Collections like:
    -Fall: fall like colors like pale oranges and yellows and a variety of neutral colors such as shades of brown, shades of gray, black and white.
    -Winter: shades of blues and Christmas-y colors such as greens and reds, and gold and silver.
    -Spring: full rainbow of colors but in all pastel shades.
    -Summer: also full rainbow colors but in bright neons and bold colors.
    I think it would be awesome to select a category of labels and then choose "Spring Green" or "Summer Turquoise" etc.

    4. Yes! I'd like to see others!

    5. I LOVE the idea of different collections such as: Baking, Spices, Laundry Room, Household Cleaning, Crafting, General House and Random stuff. It'd also be great to see blank labels that people can then write on themselves and possibly even offer a Dry Erase option for an additional price.

    I absolutely love your blog! Keep up the great work!

  12. I'd love australia specific ones, and more for baking supplies/different flours!

  13. 1) Chia Seeds, Almonds, coconut, flax seed, pecans, walnuts, pine nuts, pistachios, popcorn, gum, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, semi-sweet chocolate, snacks, crackers
    2) Mixture of both
    3) light olive green and black and white - Love the blue though
    4) Yes! Cleaning supplies, health/bathroom supplies, spices, laundry, craft
    5) Yes


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