Peach and Mint Gender Reveal Party

Sorry for photo overload but I just had to share them all! Less than two months ago we flew home for a very quick visit and decided that this trip would be the perfect opportunity to find out if this babe inside of me is a he or she. Kevin really would have preferred a surprise on "labour day", however I have zero patience and really wanted to know. We met somewhere in the middle and found out at about the 24 week mark (about 8 weeks later than we could have had we really wanted to) with all of our family and friends around us to share in the excitement.

It was a fabulous way to find out, especially since we are living out of town and don't get to share much of this pregnancy with our loved ones. Popping the big balloon to reveal pink confetti was absolutely thrilling (and a complete shock as I was so sure I was carrying a little guy!).

Planning the party from afar was a bit of a task, but the most amazing party planner I know and one of my good friends back home helped pull together an amazing day. Scroll down to see the boy and girl pins she crafted - they are literally the cutest ever. Boy jerseys with custom vinyl name bars and girl dresses with crinoline - she is seriously too much! She has also just started a blog chronicling all the parties she plans (for fun, not work!), that I certainly suggest you check out! Visit Kristin over at

Scroll down for (many) photos, and more details!

The most delectable macarons you ever did taste by the talented Janet of Pete's Sister Creative Gifts. 

Geronimo balls from Shop Sweet Lulu. Frills made by moi.

Baby balloons from local balloon store.

Cake and macs from Pete's Sister Creative Gifts.

Printables by me (working on putting together a printable package for the shop).

Most of these beautiful photos by Larissa Addison of Luxe Photography


  1. Have you made printable from this party yet?

    1. Not yet! But you've reminded me to get on it! Thanks! :)

    2. I have a baby shower this month and I'm using these exact colors and it will be a reveal party too! Can you let me know when you make these printable please?

    3. That's awesome - such a fun colour scheme!! I'm going to do my best to post it today! Email me at if I don't get to it and will make sure you get some printables!

  2. I love this! We are using the same colors for our gender reveal in a couple of weeks. I see someone asked about printables for our signs. Do you have those or know where I can get them? They're so perfect!

    1. Yes! They are listed on my etsy shop - if you only want specific parts of the party let me know!

  3. An amazing post to read! Thanks for sharing these photographs of this party. My sister threw her baby shower party at one of party venues. She even hired a planner for all arrangements. It was really an enjoyable party!


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