Who would've thought that of all the decisions we faced during our home build, that lighting would be the MOST difficult part? (Okay, maybe the marble decision was a tad harder but this is a close second).

I'm not sure exactly what it is. The fact that lighting can be trendy and go out of style quickly? That it can get really expensive and I'm incredibly indecisive? All of the above. I'm also not looovving any lighting out there. Nothing knocks my socks off and makes me think "I gotta have it". Not having that feeling, and needing to spend mucho denaro anyways, is a bummer.

I'm also completely confused about which metals I can use in an open space without looking clashy. I have never been a matchy-matchy decorator, but can I pull off black for the entry light, chrome and glass for the island pendants, and brushed gold for the dining room? In our great room, you will be able to see our pendants, dining room fixture, stairwell pendant, and a peek of the entry if you stand in the middle of the room. So what's a girl who doesn't want to match but doesn't want to clash to do?

Despite my lack of passionate love for lighting at the moment, I have compiled some that I like enough to consider.

This brushed gold chandy from Capitol Lighting (initially spotted on Joss and Main) is my top contender for the dining room. It's the only one I actually really kinda like. But does it play nice with the other options? Black/ORB in the entry and chrome glass pendants over the island? AND I just checked and it's now on sale at just $299 and it was over $450 the last time I checked. I think I have to order it! At that price, I will happily replace it if we ever go to sell and the lighting is too specific to my tastes and not the general public.

I also really love the lines of this one from Lamps Plus, but not loving the colour, so a major spray paint job would be involved. The lines also play well with my top dining room contender, so this could work in the stairwell in the great room (we have 18 ft vaulted ceilings and we need a large pendant that will be halfway up the stairs that will be visible from both living room/kitchen/dining room). It's only $299 so maybe not a big deal to spray it?

While not my favourite light in the existence of all lighting, this Capitol lighting could work because it's from the same family as the dining room, and it substantial enough to go in such a large space. What are your thoughts? And it's $410 which is pretty good compared to the $1K plus options I've been looking at.

This is what I'm loving for the island. It's from Shades of Light. Simple, clean, classic. But again, can I do chrome (actually this is polished nickel) and brushed gold in the same space? Or do I need to match them? Help! We are doing two pendants over the island instead of three so I cna't go for the mini pendants out there or they won't be to scale.

Have you ever had to pick out a bunch of lighting at one time, and do have any insight for me? I consider myself fairly well versed in what works and what doesn't for home decor, but I'm really stumped on this one!


  1. I like your first dining room light photo the best :) And looooove your island pendant choice. I totally think you can mix metals. I think the key is to have multiple different uses of each metal so it looks intentional (i.e. brushed gold in more than one use, nickel in more than one use). Pull in those metals in hardware and accents in other places. But I do think that if you don't love the dining room lights so far, hold off - there's so many choices out there!


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