Print Your Own Photo Cards 2013 and Tiny Prints GIVEAWAY

It's that time of year again. Christmas card time! I'm usually done mine and have them out the door end of November but I've been really slow this year - not quite sure why. If you're a little late to the party like me, doing a custom photo card that you can print in a jiffy at Costco/Walmart etc is a great solution. Of course, nothing beats my card-crush Tiny Prints (absolutely loving their glitter collection this year!), but these DIY ones work as extras when you run out of your fancy printed ones, and are great because they can be reprinted within no time if you need more. 

I'm only doing a few designs this year (well, one is new, two are updated versions), but you can check out last year's designs here and feel free to email me if you'd prefer one of those! Etsy listing can be found here and they are also up on my website.

Oh, and because who doesn't love a giveaway - leave a comment below to enter to win one of TWO prizes:

1) A $30 Tiny Prints Gift Certificate

2) A custom photo card design from the Paper Society

Winner announced Dec 13th by 10 PM EST.

What are you doing for Christmas cards this year?



  1. Love them Jen! Now to decide on which one to pick.....

  2. Love those cards Jen!! So amazing and talented! Xo Ola

  3. I have such a big card crush on Tiny Prints too- so cute!!

  4. Just found your blog, love your christmas card ideas! I totally need the assistance of someone with a bit more design savy!

  5. Very nice! It would be hard to pick just one design.

  6. I so wish I had thought of this before I ordered mine... I ordered from Tiny Prints again and was super disappointed in the photo resolution when I got them :( I'll remember you next year!!!


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