Reverse Bow Art | Easy DIY Gift Idea

I spent the weekend crafting and playing with my new gold foil sheets and my Silhouette. Oh the fun things you can do with a craft cutter and some gold foil! I could have spent days playing around, but alas the weekend ended and I had to get back to real life.

One of my favourite creations was a simple gold bow on white paper - classic, perfect for the holidays and all year round, and definitely a nice bit of Kate Spade inspired whimsy.

While I was playing around with the bow shape I designed, and the many cuts I made, I had an idea. Instead of putting a gold foil bow onto white cardstock, what if I cut it out of the white cardstock, and put my gold glitter wrapping paper behind it? So I did.

What I love most about using this for a gift is that it can be personalized - a piece of wrapping paper from a bridal shower, fabric from a baby's quilt or a wedding dress, a newspaper or magazine clipping, pages from a favourite book ... the options are endless!

If you don't have a craft cutter, you could always try an exacto knife - or cut a simpler shape like a heart.

What's your favourite DIY gift to give?


  1. I definitely got the Kate Spade vibe!!! Looooove the gold - brilliant idea!!!


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