Are you still with me?

Wow, really? Well, thanks! After an inexcusably long absence, I'm back to say, I'm not really back. I'll leave the consistent blogging to those who do it much better than I, but I certainly hope to pop in now and then with random and occasional updates!

Where I have I been? Well, living! Living in Winnipeg. Between work, the dogs, the hubs, and keeping up our house, I just haven't been able to carve a niche into my day to find a space for creating and blogging. I must admit, I'm also completely uninspired. I absolutely love our neighbourhood, and our house is FANTASTIC for us right now. It is exactly what we needed as newcomers to a new city. There really would have been no other better way for us to be introduced to a new province and I can't imagine we considered buying from afar for even a moment. That said, this isn't my home. I guess if I saw us here for years and years to come, I would feel more inspired to decorate and put my touch on this home- but since it's not the case, I just can't find it in me to do it.

I do still have to tackle our pantry though, and with the in-laws coming to visit for the first time in a week and a half, I think it'll be checked off my list this coming weekend! I also hope to take some pictures of monochromatic dining room, which happens to be my favourite yet most unused room in the house- funny how that happens, hey?

PS. Where did summer go? How is it pumpkin spice latte time already?


  1. Yayyyyyyy, so thrilled to see you pop up in my reader!!
    I'm right there with you on blogging inconsistently. Don't feel guilty, that was something I decided I wouldn't do anymore because blogging is for ME. I blog when I'm inspired to blog. I don't blog for a living so can't possibly keep up with those that do!
    I can't wait to see how you adapt. I can relate to how hard it is to get inspired in a house that's not "your own". I feel that way sometimes just because ours is short term! So far, the dining room looks awesome (those CHAIRS!!)!
    I'm headed out to Winnipeg for a conference shortly, and i'll need some packing advice for the weather, so fill me in girl!

  2. Still here, still here! Your dining room looks straight out of a mag. Gorgeous.

  3. Beautiful dining room !! Love that mirror !!


  4. Yay you are back!!! I understand, I've been horrible about blogging the last few months! Definitely try to pop in when you can and let us know what is going on in your world!!! Maybe your Etsy shop will inspire you? That's always yours no matter where you live!

  5. awesome!!! Keep it coming :-)

  6. Glad to hear I'm not the only one who can't keep up. Pop in when you can and I'll do the same.


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