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Hope everyone had a fantastic Labor Day and long weekend! We got to enjoy a spectacular weekend with my in-laws who live about 8 hours away to celebrate my father-in-law's 60th birthday. There was a lot of lounging by the pool, margarita-making, and of course eating (hello Italian family!). My mother-in-law even treated us to a perfect end-of-summer pedicure. Ahhhh relaxation...

In other news, I am THRILLED to be the newest contributor over at Modern Parents Messy Kids. I may not be a real parent yet, but I do have two wieners, and they are quite messy.

And MPMK actually has loads of great posts for organizing and simplifying life, which in no way do you need to have popped out human beings to enjoy. Hallelujah!

This week I'm sharing my time-saving hostess tip for presentable dip storage and serving. Go on over and check out my very first guest post, and get some free printables while you're at it!


  1. Eeeek!! So exciting! Congratulations on becoming a contributor :)

  2. I love the labels. What program do you use to create these beauties?

    1. Thanks Jen! I use a number of programs depending on what I'm making, but for these I used my Silhouette Studio software.

  3. Congrats girl!! So great! Love the labels, as always.

  4. Congratulations on your new endeavor, Jen! You just keep finding ways to make those Dollarama jars look better and better!


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