DIY Bracelets Using Dollar Store Bangles

I've been a busy bee this past week, designing a logo for a local business (SUCH an adorable company and I can't wait to share it!), and working on some web design, as well as invites and event graphics for two showers and a wedding. Oh, and doing my Paper Society thing as well, which means I haven't had the time to tackle any of the big house projects I have in store, but with the beautiful weather sticking around for a while, I am hoping that we can get the ball a rollin!

One fun little project I did accomplish was jazzing up my dollar store bangles I talked about here. I figured to aide my transition into the world of gold jewelry, I needed to soften up the gold a bit. I just grabbed some thin satin ribbon I had on hand and started braiding. I cut the pieces about a foot and a half long and of course tied the 3 pieces together. Once braided, I just wrapped around the gold bangle and tied at the end, and tada! The beginnings of an arm party!

I still have to figure out what I want to do with that gold cuff I also found at the DS, but it can wait.

The bottom bracelet I just made with some gold chain I had laying around the house, and weaved the braided ribbon through. Easy peasy project and only took about an hour to do. And on top of that, I saved time by using my iPhone to photograph (lazy day off I guess) and I'm pretty happy with how they came out after a little editing in iPhoto. Gosh do I heart my Apple products!

I do have some bigger projects to post in the upcoming week, like my mom's bathroom reno! Since we live in a new home with no renovation budget, I am quite happy to get to design my almost "dream" bathroom at my parents house. It's been a learning experience like no other, but it will look fabulous when it's done! Looking forward to sharing all the steals and disasters with you!

xo J


  1. You should these in to Dollar Store Crafts! They are so pretty!!Love them!
    Ashleigh @ Live Gorgeously

  2. Thanks Ashleigh! And I just submitted to DSC thanks to you! Keep your fingers crossed it gets selected :)

  3. Super cute! :) We'll def. post about them soon!


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