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Oh dear. Bad bad bloggy blogger am I. Haven’t done much on the home front for quite a while other than organizing and cleaning and other everyday things. This is partially because I haven’t had the time and partially because I’m eagerly counting down the days to a MASSIVE interior design warehouse sale I’m attending mid September. My “No Spend August” owes credit to this warehouse sale, because frankly, I plan on going CARAZY at the sale. And I deserve to, don't I? Well, I guess you wouldn't know...but I feel that I do. 

To keep myself entertained throughout this home decor drought, I decided to dream up some ways to fun-ify my living room. It's real drab right now. Real real drab. No colour anywhere, and no fun. I used my go-to make shift design program on my Mac called Pages, created a pillow shape, and then dragged fabric images into the pillow to get an idea of what I want. This is one of the versions I came up with that I like the most. Don't mind the random window covering I was trying out. I love the mix of coral, yellow and grey. It's my favourite combo so far.... but I can't help but think I need to tie some antiqued teal in there somewhere, just to pull in the rest of the house. I guess I'll keep working on it.

The fabric is from a variety of sources. The striped is one I bought at Fabricland a while back that I already own. Pillows 3 and 4 are fabric from fabric.com, pillow 3 is a $315 pillow that I will obviously not be buying but may be diy-ing (along with the chevron) and the red is from etsy although it's not upholstery fabric so I will have to find that somewhere else.

I ordered my fabric last week and can't wait to get it! Fabric and pillows are really the easiest thing to switch out and to breathe life into a room. FINALLY!


  1. I found your blog from I heart organizing, and was reading a few of your posts. I don't know if you have found your fabric for your pillows, but I am looking for fabric for my pillows and recently found Verona in Rouge by Emily Taylor. It has coral, gray and teal. No yellow though, sorry! I thought I would pass it on because I know how frustrating it is to not find any fabric you love...

  2. Thanks so much! I will definitely look into that! Funny enough, I have abandoned the yellow altogether, so that hits my colour scheme right on the head!

  3. Yay! A fellow Canadian blogger who also dwells in a townhome!! So happy to have found your blog. I also blog from a townhouse, although my space had to shed some 1970s first. Yours is much more elegant.

    1. Haha, yes! We should band together! Funny enough, I just found your blog this week. It's GREAT! You put me to shame. I really can't call this a blog... more like a "I chronicle my house updates a few times a year" online journal. Oh well, I'm happy enough reading blogs like yours! Thanks for stopping by :)


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