Rocks and Silver

Coming from a very unproductive family, I am happy to say that yesterday was productive, with a capital P! Painted two bathrooms, refinished a 6 drawer dresser, framed a massive mirror, designed a complete website for a friend, and cleaned some of the house.

Pictures to most of the above to follow, but in the meantime, take a look at some of the gorgeous creations of one of my good friends, Meghan. I designed her website last night for Rock Yard, and got a peek at her deliciously gorgeous engraved garden rocks and hammered silver herb markers.

Rock Yard selling their garden curiosities at the White Rock Farmers Market. 
Love the font used for "Vintage". How perfect is this for the old fashioned gardener in your life?

Need I say any more? Perfect!

And.... I commissioned this beauty as the PERFECT fathers day gift for my father in law. He LOVES to garden and has the most ridiculously awesome "oasis" of a backyard, so it seemed very fitting!


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