Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bamboo bambinos!

In the hunt for the perfect captains chairs to compliment my new Chiavari chairs, I came across these babies.

I love them. The chunkier, more substantial design would make them perfect additions to our dining set and the bamboo frame ties them in with the ones we have. Just beautiful.

Or what about this gorgeous green chair?

Its stunning. Okay- maybe not for everyone, but I'm ALL about the blending of modern and shabby chic, and this captures my design eclecticism just perfectly. The problemo? This Jonathan Adler Chippendale chair starts at $495. Each. Chair.

Too rich for my blood. Especially since they aren't my TO DIE FOR items. These are "I like the style but may tire of them in a couple years, so I don't want to spend loads on them" chairs. You know, that kinda purchase? I'm not the only one, right?

Then, I spotted these on CL. For $10 a chair. Of course, they need a serious makeover (a little glossy paint and new upholstery), but these could be pretty fantastic when I'm finished with them. I was just going to get the 2 I needed, but a part of me wants to get all 6. Come on- $10 each! And what a great little project to keep me busy in the summer. I think I could make them look real purty. Now the main dilemma would be what colour to paint them? My go to white, or an over the top colour like fuschia or orange? 

Saturday, April 2, 2011

I now pronounce you husband and white...

I love colour. Colour makes me happy. I am drawn to colour injected rooms over neutral ones. So why is my house neutral? Why is the closest thing to colour in my living room grey? I honestly don't know the answer- other than being slightly terrified of messing up. White is, and always will be my go to shade. I long of a dreamy white kitchen. White furniture gives me the giggles. But still- life needs colour! My house NEEDS colour!

Can I do it? I think I can. For one, I heart Jonathan Adler, and he's about the exact opposite of neutral. He practically embodies colour. I think it's time to wipe the dust off his book on my bookshelf and start getting some inspiration for colour in my home.

In the meantime, here is one of my fave Jonathan Adler colour intensified rooms.